Hello! My name is Antonia Woodward and I am a children's illustrator and author.

I love love LOVE children’s books. My love began in childhood with A.A. Milne and E.H Shepard, was awakened by European illustrators in university libraries, and continues to grow daily with my two little girls and their overflowing bedroom bookcase.

Children’s books are an art form that will forever hold wonder for me. Distilling tricky subjects for small people is something I love to get my head around - the dance between words and pictures, sound and sight, getting deep into the heads and hearts of a captive audience. Especially if they’re in their pyjamas - what a privilege!



SELECTED DESIGN CLIENTS: HarperCollins US; Orion Children's Books; Lion Children's Books; Meadowside Children's Books; Miles Kelly Publishing; Plum Pudding Illustration; Highlights Hello Magazine; High Five Magazine; Pearson Educational; National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).


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